About Us

Who we are?

We are a growing company located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, with a proven knowledge of its staff in the proper adoption of technology into the business processes. We are focused on the benefits of blockchain technology adoption on business-based community currencies applications.

What we do?

We provide all the software, hardware, processes and training required for a succesfull technology adoption. We also collaborate with R&D and innovation staffs to develop new products and services based on specific needs.


This is a small set of blockchain applications, you can turn your idea into reality whit our services

Electronic Payments/Exhanges

  • Put a full stack payment gateway infrastructure
  • Peer to Peer private payment verification network
  • Wallet app development
  • Fintech - Solutions

Cryptocurrencies and Assets Issuances

  • Your own currency or asset representation
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Assets tracking
  • Mined or premined or by demand issuance
  • Asset exchanges
  • Community Currencies

Verify data / Identity

  • Multiregion / multisite data and identity verification
  • Business process workflow
  • Smart contracts
  • Certificate verification
  • Proof of authenticity (tickets, ids)

Crowdfunding / Startups

  • Attract masive foundings
  • Loan administration
  • Startups support networks
  • Startups exchange services
  • Business financial services
  • New products and services

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Innovación y Desarrollo de Aplicaciones en Internet SA de CV
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Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Tels: +52(33) 1815-6186 / 1984-1738